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Things to do for Halloween in London with small kids

I absolutely love Halloween, which doesn’t really make sense as i’m afraid of my own shadow. However I’ve learnt my limits so it’s a no to Michael Myers and live action mazes (I still cringe, recalling all the strangers I have clung too) but yes to embracing gentle thrills & PG scares. My best Halloween’s were spent with family in Ireland where it is a much bigger thing and when you went out trick-or-treating you were rewarded with serious bounty!

Here are some of the best ways to celebrate it this year.

1)Take the kids Trick-or-Treating
We are lucky to live in a family-centric community where this tradition is embraced. Remember the golden rules, no tricks & only knock on the houses with a pumpkin or decoration.

2) Get to the Halloween Horniman Fair
Always a fun day out, get dressed up and join the parade or pay to watch a performance and meet some critters. Remember to bring cash for the delicious food stalls. More information here (27 & 28 Oct 10.20 - 16.30) 

3) Ascarium at SEALIFE London
Help the Sea Witch find her spell ingredients in the spooky subterranean, and a lucky few may even get a share of her treasure. Make sure you book in advance to save some pennies, Little Kitt 1 is super excited about this. More information here (20 - 31 Oct 10.00 - 18.00)

4) Stroll around Highgate Cemetery
Stretch your legs and admire the fine funerary architecture as you walk among the final resting places of many illustrious figures. Watch out for the ghosts and the rumoured vampire though!  More information here

5) Subterranean scares on the London Canal Museum Halloween Trip
A friend recommended this and we are keen to try it. Hop on a themed narrowboat for a thrilling ride through the 200 year old tunnel. The museum is also running ghost stories and face painting sessions. More information here (27 & 28 Oct 15.00 - 21.00)

Ascarium at London SEALIFE aquarium       Highgate Cemetery                          London Canal Museum       Horniman Halloween Fair

1.Ascarium at SEALIFE  2.Highgate Cemetery 3.London Canal Museum 5.Horniman Museum


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